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There's a bit of a chill in Metro Detroit! As always, here are our Open Houses this weekend! 

Looking for the full catalogue of Open Houses for the weekend of August 23rd - August 25th? You've come to the right place!

We are only looking at a few more weekends of summer, so why not stop on by to one of our Open Houses? Come one, come all pre-approved, and with an eager hearts and open-minded attitudes!

We may be a little less busy with our catalogue this week, but we are definitely not having any less of a good time!

If you'd like more information on the listing, give it a click (opens in a new tab)!

Or if you'd like to speak with the agent holding the Open House, just click on the Realtor's picture or name — your phone will prompt

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Hello Buyers! Were you just thinking that you'd love to have a quick rundown of your biggest hypothetical questions? Well, look no further! We have them right here. We're tackling everything from credit scores to mortgage rates in a *NEW* infographic! Enjoy, and remember to follow us on social media!

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You are cordially invited to our Open Houses this weekend! 

Welcome back to, where we are sure to deliver the most beautiful Open Houses in town!

The summer is still *technically* happening, but things have cooled off quite a bit the past week. Get ready to settle into your new home for the winter! Because a real estate transaction can take some time, you're going to want to find something pretty soon!

We love the relationships we get to form with our clients. You are amazing people and we want only the best for you. So have a look at our Open Houses for the weekend and if you get the chance, swing by! These are some fantastic homes and we can't wait for you to see them!

As always, if you'd like more information on the

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Fine weather we've been having in Metro Detroit! We cordially invite you to a few of our Open Houses this weekend! 

Welcome back to, where we are sure to deliver the most beautiful Open Houses in town!

The summer is still here, and we hate to admit it, but it could be gone any day now (This is Michigan!). So why not swing by one of our Open Houses? They're saying we are sure to have some good weather this weekend! Buyers are encouraged to come pre-approved and with an eager and open-minded attitude!

This weekend, we have more than a few houses for you to visit, and we look forward to meeting you! We are proud to say we have over a hundred real estate professionals (Realtors) willing and eager to help YOU today! Find us this

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#Summertime19 is moving into August in perfectly in Metro Detroit. The weather is spectacular, and so is the steady market! 

Welcome back to, where we always have the hottest content and the most inviting Open Houses!

In Michigan, we seriously love summertime. During a Michigan winter, there isn't a store, gas station, or concert venue where you won't find someone praying for summer or speaking of some unlikable weather condition. We have just crossed over to August, and we are sure of what's eventually on its way, so PLEASE, try to enjoy the rest of your summer while it's lasts, or better yet, let us help you get into your new home before the first snowfall! 

This weekend, we have a few houses for you to visit, and we look

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